OptiMSM- The Highest Quality MSM Supplement

MSM is a sulfur-rich nutrient found in much of the natural world around us (plants, ocean water, etc.).

As a dietary supplement, it is promoted for a variety of uses in everything from the maintenance of healthy joints and digestive systems to relief from pain and inflammation of arthritis, improved flexibility and appearance of scar tissue, and even allergy symptoms.

One of the cautions in using MSM is that as a dietary supplement it is not FDA approved, and as such, there is no oversight in how it is manufactured.

OptiMSM is the branded name of MSM manufactured by Cardinal Nutrition out of Washington. OptiMSM is completely manufactured in the US, under stringent conditions, and is re-tested through third parties to insure it’s quality.

Because MSM is a manufactured product, it must be purified in one of two ways, either by distillation or by crystallization. OptiMSM is manufactured through distillation, which is a process that removes impurities by heating to specific boiling points.

It has been approved by Stanley Jacobs, one of the two original doctors who isolated MSM in the early 80’s. It has also been certified kosher through the Orthodox Union.

Cardinal Nutrition guarantees each batch of OptiMSM to be 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane, making it one of the purest forms of MSM available for use. For quality assurance that you are receiving the original product (powder, cream, etc.) that is manufactured through this process, each package will have the OptiMSM logo somewhere on label.

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