Every morning when I wake up my feet hurt to stand and walk on them, as well as my hands hurting. Now, for about a month I have had chest pains, where my chest tightens up. When I do cardio, and I do this 56 days a week, it takes about 20 minutes to get past this tight feeling in my chest. I can feel this main more often than not. My diet is pretty good. I don’t drink, smoke, no drugs, and I have a good diet. I do drink an energy drink called Red Bull at least 2 cans per day.

Any chest pain or tightness needs to be evaluated by your doctor to rule out any heart problems.  The other thing you need to consider is that you might be consuming too much caffeine from your energy drinks which can cause symptoms of anxiety and chest tightness.  You may want to try discontinuing this habit […]

Is it safe to take EDTA with other prescription heart pills?

EDTA and chelation therapy should only be administered under the care of a supervising physician.  Drug interactions with EDTA are not well documented, however it is used in some cases related to toxicity of certain heart medications indicating it has cardiovascular actions. EDTA is also known to cause drops in blood pressure and problems with […]

I am taking Plavix after triple bypass surgery, I notice that turmeric purportedly does the same thing Plavix does. Is it safe to take both?

Many herbs are thought to affect blood clotting.  Most are suspected to decrease the effectiveness of the clotting process through many different mechanisms.  This is an important issue to consider when combining certain herbs with medications. Coumadin is the most well known blood thinner and has a very narrow therapeutic window.  It is very difficult […]

Good day doc, Thank you for all you do to help the public…. Q: 51 year old healthy male, on Benicar for blood pressure…I feel yuck on this stuff, my MD is aware of my plan…I am going to try Celery Seed…In your opinion, when is the best time to take it, between meals or with meals, how much, 75 or 150 mg, best brand in your opinion,?……thanks so much…

Celery seed has long history of medicinal use for a variety of health complaints including gout, arthritis and high blood pressure.  It contains a multitude of compounds that affect inflammatory processes in the body as well as other regulatory functions. Apigenin is a compound contained in celery seed that is thought to contribute to its beneficial […]

I either have an missing gene or the gene that carries cholesterol problems and was wondering what natural way I could reduce it because my medication give me horrible side effects. Thank you!

Some people do have genetic variations that lead to very elevated levels of cholesterol.  Unfortunately this can create some problems when trying to ensure that a persons most valuable asset, their heart, is well protected. First, it is very important to look at your family history and find any other relatives that have the same […]

I would like to stop taking High Blood Pressure drugs and Allegra for allergies. Could you suggest something that is more of a natural product for these two things? I don’t like the side effects of the drugs. Mostly tiredness. Thanks, Jackie

There are several different natural strategies for lowering blood pressure.  One strategy is to use herbs and nutrients that promote vasodilation (the process by which the artery relaxes and widens).  A relaxed arterial wall has more give and is wider, therefore decreasing overall pressure throughout the system. Coleus Forskohlii is an herb that has been […]

My blood pressure seems to be getting worse today: 180/110

Your elevated blood pressure readings are of great concern.  Having a diastolic reading above 100 is very dangerous and puts you at risk for a variety of serious health problems some of which can come on very suddenly. At this point, I highly recommend you see a health care provider immediately to have your situation […]

As a result of an angiogram, I was told that I have 60% blockage but no medication is suggested. Diet and Exercise. Are there any herbs I can take and what kind of a diet?

This is the perfect time to start focusing on diet and lifestyle changes as well as starting a few key supplements. Inflammation is the main cause of plaque formation. You need to focus on lowering overall inflammation. You can do this by eating a whole foods, plant based diet, and supplementing with antioxidants. Essential fatty acids, […]

I’m diagnosed having Congestive Heart Failure. I’m taking 40mg lasix. I’m told to take potassium once a day. How much potassium should I take and are there any other natural supplements I should consider?

The minimum dose of potassium is usually 99mg but I would check with your prescribing doctor for specific recommendations about potassium supplementation.  Most people taking a loop diuretic like Lasix should take some type of potassium supplement or increase potassium rich foods in their diet. Tomato and vegetable juices are very high in potassium as is coconut […]