Importance of Exercise

We have known for years the importance of exercise for keeping our bodies healthy and strong.              

Weight training helps our skeletal system by strengthening muscles, tendons, and bones, while aerobic activity keeps our hearts healthy.

As we become older, our bodies produce less Growth Hormone, which is an important hormone. This is regarded to be the most significant hormone for avoiding aging-related physical deficits.

Growth hormone has received a lot of attention, and many doctors have experimented with providing growth hormone injections.

The only way to trigger considerable growth hormone release later in life is to exercise.               

The bigger the increase in growth hormone, the more strenuous the activity. Growth hormone avoids the physical declines associated with ageing, making it a true fountain of youth.

Aside from the numerous physical benefits of exercising, new research is pointing to another another compelling reason to do so.

The good news is that exercise has been demonstrated to assist people with Alzheimer's disease improve their memory and prevent the condition from developing.

In older people, 45 minutes of walking three times a week had a significant influence on memory and cognition.