Our Suprema Dophilus is a very high-potency, a multiple-species probiotic supplement. It provides a wide array of the most beneficial bacteria in large amounts.

Suprema Dophilus by Vitabase can restore the normal balance of the intestinal flora. It is a probiotic that contains different strains of bacteria including two strains of bifidobacteria.  

Suprema Dophilus Multi Probiotic is specifically designed to support proper digestion, strengthen the immune system, and relieve gas and bloating problems. 

Vitabase’s Suprema Dophilus is a probiotic containing several forms of bacteria and two forms of bifidobacterium that work in the colon. These supportive bacteria can help restore the digestive system

How to Take It?

The usual recommended dietary intake of this probiotic is one capsule per day with or without food. You can also change the dosage as per your doctor or pharmacist suggestion.