What is Prostate Cancer ?

In males, the prostate is a tiny walnut-shaped gland that secretes seminal fluid, which feeds and carries sperm.

One of the most prevalent cancers is prostate cancer.

In the prostate gland, where they may not do much harm, many prostate tumours develop slowly and are localised.

Although some prostate cancers spread slowly and may require little to no therapy, others are aggressive and can spread very quickly.

The best chance for successful treatment of prostate cancer is early detection, when it is still contained to the prostate gland.

In its early stages, prostate cancer may not show any symptoms.

As you become older, your chance of prostate cancer rises. After 50, it becomes more prevalent.

Black people are more likely than those of other races to develop prostate cancer, for unknown reasons.

You and your doctor may discuss using drugs or other therapies to lower your risk if you have a very high risk of prostate cancer.