What is Monkeypox Virus ?

A rare condition known as monkeypox is brought on by infection with the monkeypox virus.

Although it has been spotted elsewhere in the world, it is primarily prevalent in parts of Africa.

It results in symptoms that resemble the flu, including fever, chills, and a rash that might take weeks to go away.

Monkeypox has no known cure, however it typically goes away on its own.

Two outbreaks of a disease resembling the pox in groups of monkeys used for study led to the discovery of monkeypox in 1958.

When you come into contact with an animal or a person who is infected with the virus, you could develop monkeypox.

Additionally, you can contract monkeypox by touching recently contaminated items like bedding, clothing, and other linens

Your healthcare provider collects tissue from an open sore to diagnose monkeypox (lesion). After that, a lab performs polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing on it.