VitaComplete compared to other popular supplements


This question is a common one, especially with the surge of liquid vitamins over the last five years. To be honest, every new liquid vitamin seems to top the previous. Most liquid vitamins like SeasilverPro Vitamin CompleteBody BalanceVibe, and others each have their plethora of nutrients, somewhere in the 150-200 range. There is a lot of overlap in the ingredients of all these products and they tend to count anything as a “nutrient” (like trace minerals of gold or tin). Although Vitacomplete has more nutrients and concentration than all these products, here are a number of other reasons why VitaComplete is better. is better.

  • Formulated to Help – Our formula was not developed from the standpoint of “accumulating lots of nutrients in a bottle”, but from the standpoint of helping 6 different body systems:
    • Antioxidant/Free Radical Support
    • Heart and Circulatory Health
    • Muscle, Bone, and Joint Support
    • Digestive Health
    • Organ Cleanse and Detoxification
    • Vision and Youth Enhancement
  • Quality Company and Information – Compare the information given on other websites as well as the company backgrounds. We feel that in an industry that often has few standards and fewer scruples, we are committed to quality and to our patients’ health.
  • Backed by a Naturopathic Doctor – We have a fully accredited and trained Naturopathic Doctor who’s intrinsically part of our product development. A lot of sites find it easy enough to post pictures of doctors, quote doctors, and even get doctor endorsements (which we found out is quite cheap to do), but we’ve gone to great lengths to hire a practicing Naturopath who’s more concerned about creating quality than creating wealth. Dr. Kevin Passero is even the Vice President of the Maryland Association of Naturopathic Physicians and we’re glad to have him on board. You can read more about him here.

To conclude, VitaComplete is the best on the market not only because it has more nutrients at a great price, but also because it has quality and research behind it. That’s what we’ve based our company on, and we hope that’s what you find in a product like VitaComplete.