Every product shipped by Vitabase has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Directions and Conditions for refund:

  • The customer must call Vitabase at 888-559-3802 and request an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number before returning any merchandise.
  • The customer must contact Vitabase and ship the merchandise within 60 days from the date that the product was ordered.
  • The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.
  • We will accept a single opened container of each individual product. We will accept additional returned containers of that same product as long as they are unopened.

Exceptions to the above conditions may be granted at the discretion of Vitabase on a case by case basis.

Do not return products to Vitabase after 60 days have passed without calling us first! Packages received without an RMA number after 60 days have passed will not be refunded. These packages will be discarded and cannot be returned to the customer!

Cancelled Orders:

Orders that are cancelled by the customer before they are shipped are refunded promptly, usually the same business day*. If the customer cancels the order after the product is shipped, the package must be returned to us before a refund is given.

*There may be a 30-day refund hold period on orders paid for with checks. Customers who pay by check will not be issued a refund check until their original payment check has cleared.