Dr. L. Sorensen


Dr. Lorinda Sorensen started studying natural medicine because of her strong desire to understand the beauty of nature and plants. She began by studying herbs, eventually going to Bastyr University, where she received both a doctor of Naturopathic medicine (ND), and a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture (MSA). Dr. Sorensen has had a private practice in Omaha, Nebraska, and she regularly volunteered at the local AIDS clinic. She has also lived overseas in New Zealand, where she was a consultant for the health products industry and head of the naturopathy department at one of New Zealand’s naturopathy programs. Dr. Sorensen focuses women’s health and the treatment of chronic disease, using naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Personally, Dr. Sorensen has a strong interest in gardening, cooking whole foods, yoga and art, and has a strong goal of helping people achieve wellness. Visits with Dr. Sorensen focus on listening to you, a gentle and through examination and treatment, and encouraging you to be a part of your own wellness plan. She truly believes in medicine that supports the whole person. Dr. Sorensen currently practices in Kirkland, Washington state.

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