Natural remedies work wonderfully in children.  They are invaluable for parents who want to manage common childhood illness from a more natural point of view.

Selecting an herb for a childhood illness is much the same as for an adult illness of the same kind.  For example, colds and flu’s are treated similarly in child and adults in regards to the types of herbs used. The big difference of course is how they are dosed and what form they are in.

When using herbal products with children the best choice is often a liquid tincture because most children cannot swallow pills.  Tinctures for kids should always be in a glycerin base and not in the more standard alcohol base.  This greatly improves palatability and avoids exposing a child to alcohol.  And as mentioned above, the doses for children are much less than for adults.

Some great herbs for fever in children are White willow bark, Boneset, Hyssop and Yarrow.  These herbs are been used traditionally for hundreds of years to reduce fevers and discomfort associated with fevers in children and adults.  Remember to look for a product that is specifically made for kids because it will be in a non alcohol glycerin base.

Homeopathics can also be a wonderful tool for helping to reduce fevers in children.  Probably the most commonly used remedy is Belladonna.  Homeopathic Aconite, Gelsemium and Bryonia are also among the most prescribed.  You will probably need to work with someone skilled in homeopathy to find the right remedy.  I encourage all parents to buy some basic books on homeopathic prescribing and to keep remedies on hand for childhood illnesses.

There are some additional recommendations specific for ear infections.  Garlic and Mullein ear oil drops are often used for ear infections.  When placed in the ear canal they help to fight bacteria and sooth pain and discomfort associated with ear infections.  Make sure you have your child’s ear examined first to make the ear drum has not ruptured.  If you ever see any blood or discharge coming from the child’s ear never put any drops into the ear canal.

Additionally, warm compresses applied behind the ear can be very soothing for the pain associated with ear infections.

From the standpoint of herbs, I recommend using immune supportive herbs to help give the immune system a boost in fighting the infection.  Herbs such as Echinacea, Goldenseal and Astragalus all have immune supportive effects.  Again, just remember to get one specifically formulated for children to ensure it is alcohol free.  Dosing instructions should be on the label.

With the proper guidance and knowledge it is very reasonable for parents to successfully deal with most common childhood illness like ear infections with natural therapies.

In Health,

Dr. Passero

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