I am considering purchasing the liquid focus formula for my daughter age 10, but I dont know if I need to quit giving her other supplements. Right now, she takes a multivite, Omega3 caps, and a fruitveggie supplement. I used to give her Neuromaxx along with these things, but have quit doing so, as it was minimal in its help. What about your formula? Will she o.d. on anything if I continue with the others plus the focus formula?

Thank you for your question.   Although some of the ingredients in the focus formula may be redundant to other supplements you are giving her, particularly the multivitamin, there is no nutrient that poses any significant danger of overdose.  The group of vitamins most likely to overlap is the B-vitamins.  All B-vitamin are water soluble and easily metabolized by the body posing little risk for toxicity.  In fact, many formulas for energy and focus contain very high levels of B vitamins because they are so important in helping the body to perform at optimal level.

There is also a slight overlap of omega 3 fatty acids between the Focus Formula and your omega 3 caps; however there is no significant risk for overdose in this situation either.  High doses of fish oil are often needed to produce significant improvement in neurologically based conditions.

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