The short answer is yes.  Many of the ingredients in the Cardio Support formula would be helpful for someone with elevated cholesterol.  Coenzyme Q10, Hawthorne extract, Green Tea extract, Grape seed extract and Citrus bioflavonoids all have potent antioxidant properties that can potentially reduce the chances of the cholesterol oxidizing in your blood vessels.  Oxidation of cholesterol is a major component of the plaque forming process.  In fact cholesterol is packaged with CoQ10 by the body in the same unit to help prevent oxidation as a natural form of defense against plaque formation.

Niacin, Soybean and Carnitine extracts all have some ability to lower cholesterol and lipid levels.  However, given the severe elevation in this situation I would not expect a satisfactory result in regards to getting cholesterol levels below 230 from this product.

Additionally, the problem is that a cholesterol reading of 360 is so high that more aggressive interventions would be necessary to properly protect your heart and cardiovascular system.  Cholesterol lowering strategies must be implemented to try to get that number lower.  This becomes of even more extreme importance if the person is overweight, has high blood pressure or diabetes or has a strong family history of heart disease.  Some people have a genetic condition that causes cholesterol to elevate that high and these people may not be at as much risk for heart disease.

So the final answer is yes, it would certainly be helpful and better than taking nothing at all, but make sure you are receiving the other additional therapies that would be appropriate to protect your heart and cardiovascular system.

In Health,

Dr. Passero

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