I am interested in taking the Liquid VitaComplete, but am concerned about unfavorable interaction with the prescription drugs that I take daily: Tenormin for heart palpitations and Lexapro. Would you please let me know if all of these products are compatible? Thank You!

Currently, there are no known interactions between either of those medications and the ingredients in the VitaComplete Liquid.  Most doctors do suggest that people take a daily multi-vitamin to make up for nutrients we do not get in our diet due to poor food choices and modern farming methods that deplete the soil our food is grown in.

Multi-vitamins are generally considered safe with most prescription medications because the levels of   the various nutrients are balanced and are not present in high enough quantities to interact with other medications.  Now, you must remember that every person’s body is different and all medications have the potential to interact with a person’s individual chemistry or other nutrients.

You must also consider that certain medications can deplete you body of vital nutrients and that a multi-vitamin can help offset this.  Taking any medication will increase the work load on your liver and kidney’s (depending on how the drug is metabolized) because all drugs taken into your body must be processed and excreted.  Nutrients like vitamin B6, B5 and folic acid can all support this process of detoxification.

Several drug/nutrient depletion lists do state that Tenormin can deplete levels of the important nutrient called CoQ10.  You may want to consider looking further into supplementing with this nutrient along with a multi-vitamin.

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