I have an underactive thyroid and have been taking pills for 9 years. I take a multi women’s multiple vitamin and Omega 3 1000mg once a day. I was wondering what other vitamins and minerals I can take. For example primrose oil, more B vitamins. Thanks

A multiple vitamin and a good quality omega 3 should be part of everybody’s supplement routine.  If you are looking for things specifically for your thyroid I would suggest looking to kelp capsules/tablets.  Kelp naturally contains iodine, which is very supportive to thyroid function.  You will need to be careful as it may influence how the thyroid medication affects your body.  If your thyroid starts making more hormone on it’s own it may be appropriate to adjust your doses of medication.

Evening primrose oil is an essential fatty acid which is very supportive for balancing female hormones and keeping the skin healthy.  B-complex vitamins are important for several reasons.  B6 and B5 help the body to produce energy and eliminate toxins we encounter in the environment.  In addition, they are needed for certain reactions related to the thyroid’s process of making hormones.  Minerals such as zinc and selenium are also very important in the process of making thyroid hormone.  However, your multivitamin should contain adequate levels and additional supplementation is most likely not needed.

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