I read that a supplement called Invisible Veins will get rid of varicose veins. It has a natural ingredient call DiosVein. Is this true? Is there something to take that will get rid of varicose veins? Can it be purchased at a health store or a drug store. This product is available from PharmacoLLC.com. Do you know anything about it? Thank you.

Be careful about products that claim they can do things it seem they couldn’t.  My experience is that most cases of moderate to severe varicose veins are not easily reversed with natural or herbal therapy.  There are some herbs and nutrients which can be supportive to the venous tissue but they would most likely be helpful for very minor varicosities or to prevent new ones from popping out.  I am not familiar with the clinical use of the specific product you refer to, but I would be realistic about what results you expect.  It appears that it is a specific extract of oranges which provides a potent source of bioflavanoids.  Bioflavonoids are known to be very supportive to vascular tissue and are usually part of a formula for vein health.

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