My husband is currently on medication for diabetes blood pressure and cholesterol, he has had a bypass last year. Currently, he is experiencing stiffness and pain in the knees and would like to try SAMe. Could you tell me if it would be OK for him to take it along with all the medication he takes or would SAMe interfere with these drugs? Also I have started taking SAMe for osteoarthritis. Is there a length of time you should take it for and then stop or is it OK to keep taking it? How much of it and how long should someone take it for and which is the best make Thank you

Without a detailed list of the medications your husband is taking there is no way to know for sure if SAMe would be detrimental for him.  What I can tell you is that SAMe does have an excellent safety record and is not likely to interact with prescription medication in a negative way.

The average dose can range from 200mg per day up to 800mg mg per day.  By nature, it has a very low toxicity and higher doses are usually tolerated well.  The most common side effect noted is stomach upset.  Some sensitive individuals can experience anxiety when SAMe is taken in high doses.   Due to the fragile nature of your husband’s health, I would recommend starting on a low dose and slowly increasing over the course of 2-4 weeks to make sure he tolerates it well.

As far as how long to take it, there are no specific published guidelines.  However, due to its excellent safety rating, I would not see a problem with taking it for an extended period of time in a healthy individual if it was helping.

SAMe can be converted by the body into a substance called Homocysteine.  Homocysteine has been shown to be damaging to the arteries and contribute to heart disease.  Taking adequate amounts of vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid will ensure that the body is able to recycle Homocysteine to its inactive counterparts rendering it completely safe.  If you are concerned about this issue, just ask your doctor to give you a simple blood test to measure your Homocysteine levels.  Many people in the population have elevated Homocysteine levels due to poor diet, excessive stress and exposure to toxins like alcohol and tobacco.

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