My son is 9 yrs old and has allergies pollen/molds/cats/dogs and has been on singular on and off for about 2 years. I periodically take him off and within a couple of days he becomes uncomfortable. I really do not like the idea of him being on medication and was wondering what you think of aller 7?

Hi, as a parent myself, I know how hard it is to see our children so miserable during allergy season! Over-the-counter drugs are great for immediate relief, but unfortunately the body tends to develop resistance to them, and they only serve to cover up the real issue. I don’t have much experience with Aller 7, but I do have recommendations for relieving allergy symptoms with natural supplements. It also helps to look at the diet and make sure that what your son is eating isn’t causing some inflammation, which leads to irritation, which shows up as allergy symptoms in the case of your son.

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