Will your diabetic pill product work for an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic?

A person with type I diabetes will always need to be on insulin therapy.  No natural supplement or medication will change that.  However, it is possible, with the proper use of natural supplements, diet and exercise to modify how a type 1 diabetic uses insulin.

Some of the ingredients found in the Blood Sugar Support product are thought to work by making the cells in the body more sensitive to insulin.  If cells become more sensitive to the affects of insulin, it may be possible to use less or to have the same amount have a greater affect.

Exercise is one of the greatest tools for any diabetic to use in an effort to change the amount of insulin needed.  Intense exertion of the muscles greatly depletes glycogen stores within the muscles.  Glycogen is the body’s way of storing fuel in the muscles and is made up of glucose molecules linked together.  When glycogen is depleted through intense muscle exertion, the cells of the muscle become very sensitive to insulin because they are desperate for an influx of glucose from the blood.  Many people who are diabetic will notice a sharp fall in blood sugar levels after doing intense exercise, particularly exercise that is focused on strength training and muscle building.

Any person with type 1 diabetes needs to be very careful when introducing any new therapy for modulating blood sugar.  This is true for incorporating new forms of insulin, different doses of insulin, natural supplements, dietary changes and new exercise programs.  If someone is not careful they may end up causing blood sugar levels to fall too low which can lead to a very dangerous, possibly life-threatening situation.  Start any changes very slowly and monitor your blood sugar levels more regularly.  Also, always keep with you a readily available source of glucose in case you feel blood sugar levels are falling rapidly.

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