Why use American Colostrum?

Colostrum is the milk produced by lactating mammals (including humans) in the first 24 to 72 hours of a newborn’s life. As a food, it is low in fat, high in carbohydrates and protein, and is readily digestible. However, the principal benefit to the newborn is colostrum’s remarkably high antibody content, which is designed to protect the infant against viruses, bacteria, allergens, and toxins until the latter’s own immune system is sufficiently mature to function on its own. This extraordinary substance also stimulates growth and promotes healing, and has now been shown to provide the same immune-boosting and healing effects in adults.

Because of the high nutrient content of colostrum, it is important to ensure that only premium quality colostrum is used in order to reap the many benefits of nature’s first and most perfect food. Our American Colostrum is superior to imported sources due to stringent quality control and selective sourcing. Because colostrum can contain numerous bioactive ingredients in varying proportions, our product has been standardized to ensure a uniform and precise dosage of immunoglobulin content. Thus the consumer can be confident in the accuracy of the nutritional content of American Colostrum as opposed to other brands.

Most importantly, American Colostrum consists of a quality nutrient-rich product free of contaminants. It is guaranteed to contain no synthetic bovine growth hormones, and is free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, antibiotics, and other toxins. The source cows are free-range, the colostrum is collected within the first six hours of birth to ensure high nutrient content, and chemical solvents are not utilized in the ensuing sterilizing, pasteurizing, and homogenizing processes.

Studies have shown that colostrum sourced from cows in high-latitude areas with harsher winters contains significantly more immunoglobulins than that which is obtained from cows in milder climates. Hence, American colostrum is superior in immune-boosting components than rival products from more temperate climates, some of which enjoy a large slice of the world colostrum market. Our product is also freeze-dried, unlike many of its competitors, which maintains the protein content intact.

Clearly American Colostrum, when appropriately sourced and treated, is the premium colostrum product on the market for both health and sport purposes alike.

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