Blood Sugar Ultra Reviews: Does this Blood Sugar Formula Really Work?

Blood Sugar ultra reviews

Blood Sugar Ultra Reviews: Does this Blood Sugar Formula Really Work?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes Mellitus is a very common disorder with high levels of glucose or sugar in the blood. Sugar comes from the foods you eat but normally it is regulated by a hormone known as insulin. The insulin transports sugar from the blood to the cells for storage or use of energy.

Unfortunately in diabetes, your body does not produce enough insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces.

There are many prescription drugs available on the market and some of them are used very commonly in both types of diabetes.

  • For Type 1 diabetes the most commonly used treatment is the use of insulin.
  • For Type 2 diabetes there are many prescription drugs such as Metformin, Glyburide, Acarbose, Pioglitazone, and many others.

Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise can also be very helpful in the management of type 2 diabetes.

Some people prefer to use natural supplements for the management of diabetes and there are many products available on the market.

One such product is Blood Sugar Ultra.

This product comes in a 60 capsules container and you have to take one capsule twice a day 30-35 minutes before the meal.

The price of this blood sugar formula is $69 per bottle but if you want in bulk like for three months or 6 months then you will get a flat discount.

  • If you buy the 3 months’ supply, the price will be $59/bottle
  • If you buy the 6 months’ supply, you will get 59% discount ($49 per bottle only)

So is this worth the price or a scam?

In this Blood Sugar Ultra Review, we will take a closer look at the ingredients, benefits, side effects, verified customer reviews, and what we think about this supplement.

Blood Sugar Ultra Review (Quick)

  • Full Name: Blood Sugar Ultra
  • Company Name: Salt Lake Supplements LLC
  • Best Place to Buy: Amazon And Official Site
  • Amazon Ratings: 3.7/5 (Total Ratings 62 at the time of writing this review)
  • Our Ratings: 7/10

Blood Sugar Ultra Review (Full)

Blood sugar Ultra is the combination of different natural ingredients that are claimed to regulate blood sugar levels, boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health, lead to weight loss, and prevent an imbalance of blood sugar.

The company behind this formula is Salt Lake Supplements LLC. The company claims that this product is all vegan, natural, and is manufactured in GMP approved facility. They also claim that Blood sugar ultra is a third-party tested to ensure the highest quality possible and purity of each batch.

Health Benefits

Here is a list of some benefits of using this supplement. (As per the company claims)

  • It can help support balanced blood sugar levels- because it contains ingredients like cinnamon, biotin, and vanadium.
  • It can also help improve your immune system, cardiovascular health, and lead to weight loss.
  • It can also help fuel your brain- because it can provide balanced levels of metabolizing glucose to the brain to function properly.


Vitamin C (As Ascorbic acid): Research suggests that supplementation with vitamin c can have a very positive effect on blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. The usual recommended intake of Vitamin c for adult men is 90 mg and for adult woman is 75 mg. Blood Sugar Ultra contains 50 mg of vitamin c per serving which is lower than the daily recommended intake.

Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate): Another ingredient in this formulation is Vitamin E which may help limit damage to the blood vessels and help protect against kidney and eye disease. Please keep in mind that too much Vitamin E can lead to serious problems such as stroke and many other conditions. This supplement contains 15 IU of vitamin E per servings but the daily dietary allowance is 15 mg for adult men and women.

Chromium (As amino acid chelate): It is an essential trace element that is used to enhance the action of insulin. It improves insulin efficiency which lowers blood glucose levels.  The usual recommended intake of chromium is 35 mcg/day for adult males (age 14-50) and 24 mcg/day for adult females (age 14-50). However, If you look at the label of blood sugar ultra it contains 67mcg/serving and you have to take 2 capsules per day, this simply means that you are getting more chromium as recommended.

Biotin: It is actually a vitamin B and it can improve the metabolism of glucose and may reduce pain associated with diabetic nerve damage. This supplement contains 300mcg of biotin per serving and for lowering blood sugar level you need to take 8-16mg of Biotin per day to prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Magnesium Oxide: It is a mineral supplement that is very important for healthy muscles and bones. It is also used by some people to help reduce heartburn and indigestion. Research suggests that taking 1000mg of magnesium per day can help control blood sugar levels.

Manganese (as amino acid chelate): Manganese is a trace element and plays a vital role in the activity of insulin in both diabetes. According to a study, people with diabetes have lower manganese levels in their blood.

Guggul: It is most commonly used in Asian herbal medicine because of its benefits.  It is used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine to treat many different conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, obesity, weight-related problems, eczema, gingivitis, and many other conditions. This study has shown that Guggul gum is highly effective in diabetes mellitus.

Bitter Melon Extract: It is linked to glycemic control because bitter melon has properties that act like insulin. According to a study from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology concluded that Bitter melon can reduce the level of fructosamine level in people with type 2 diabetes.

Zinc Oxide: It is one of the metal oxides and inorganic compounds. This formulation contains 7.5 mg of zinc (oxide). This ingredient is most commonly used in topical preparation but there is evidence that this metal can work against diabetes.

Gymnema Sylvestre: It is an Indian native herb used for centuries in ancient medicine. Studies suggest it can reduce blood sugar levels because it contains gymnemic acid which helps suppress sweetness. This ingredient is used in many different supplements (in combination with other ingredients) to treat diabetes.  The Blood sugar ultra contains 50 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre and as per studies, the usual suggested dose is 200–400 mg per day.

Juniper berries:  They are also used as a herbal remedy for diabetes. Studies have found that juniper berries contain natural insulin and can work in the body just like its internal counterpart.

Other ingredients like  L-taurine, white berries, yellow flower powders, vanadium as a vanadyl sulfate. These ingredients also help promote insulin productions.

How Does Blood Sugar Ultra Work?

For many people, blood sugar levels are not normal due to many reasons. Some people are not diabetic but have insulin resistance, so blood sugar ultra is a blessing for such folks. For diabetic patients, usually, you have to take medication orally or injections to control blood sugar levels. The best thing to control blood sugar levels naturally is blood sugar ultra. The ingredients used in this supplement are natural, plant-based, and great for controlling blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol levels in natural ways.

Blood Sugar Ultra Is Not Meant For:

Blood sugar ultra is safe to use, but under certain conditions, this supplement is not suitable to use.

  • It is not for elderly people with complicated health issues
  • it’s not meant for children or under 16 folks
  • It is not meant for pregnant or lactating mothers
  • It is not for heart patients and underweight folks
  • It is not meant for people with breathing issues

Side Effects of Blood Sugar Ultra

Every product has some side effects because every person who is going to use this product is different. Every supplement affects differently to different people. Although all ingredients of blood sugar ultra are natural and safe, some mild side effects had been reported.

  • You may feel headache after first use
  • Some people complaint about frequent urination
  • A drastic change in weight
  • It may disturb your hunger cycle
  • It may increase your thrust

All the above-mentioned side effects are temporary and go away with a passage of time. If you are constantly facing some side effects or they are causing your problem, then immediately consult your doctor.

Pros & Cons


  • It greatly helps to Reduced risk of diabetes by lowering sugar in natural ways
  • It is great for the folks who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • It  helps in improving immunity
  • It also helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases


  • It is a pricey formula
  • Sometimes it becomes hard to get the authentic product

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Blood-Sugar Ultra Help In Weight Loss?

Yes, to some extent, it helps in reducing weight because it helps you in lowering blood sugar levels and control insulin resistance. The folks who are gaining weight due to insulin resistance can get benefit from it.

  1. What Is Does of Blood Sugar Ultra?

Blood Sugar Ultra is a great dietary supplement to bring positive change in the life of people. This supplement is in the form of easy to swallow capsules. For customer convenience, it comes with a complete dosage guide and user instructions manual in it. If you are suffering from other health issues, then you must consult your doctor before starting this supplement.

  1. Is It Safe to Use Blood Sugar Ultra?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use blood sugar ultra as it comprises of natural and safe ingredients. It does not help you to lower your blood sugar levels but also controls your lipid profile.

  1. Who Can Use Blood Sugar Ultra?

Remember, one thing blood sugar Ultra is a dietary supplement to sterilize the blood sugar leer. It is neither medicine nor can be a substitute for any diabetic medicines. It may work well when combining with other medicines to treat the issue. If diabetic patients want to use it, they must consult a doctor to recommend your dose.

  1. How to Purchase Blood Sugar Ultra?

You can only get blood sugar ultra from their official website. It is not amiable on mason, and other websites or medical store officially. To get the original product you have to purchase, it forms their official website. To avoid scams and fake products, just order it from their official website.

Blood Sugar Ultra Reviews

I food mixed reviews regarding blood sugar ultra as some people find it effective us complaint boat price. Similarly, some people reported side effects. Let have look ton reviews

Positive Blood Sugar Ultra Reviews

  • Hello! I’m Julia and have insulin resistance for many years. I was no medication but affected temporarily to my symptoms then I came to know about blood sugar ultra, and that was my lucky day. With one month’s regular use, I started to notice visible results in my sugar levels. Bravo for this product.
  • I’m a diabetic patient for four years my doctor prescribed me blood sugar ultra with some other diabetes medicines. I found it effective in my case
  • I started to use blood sugar ultra on the recommendation of my friends. Initially, I feel dizziness and headache. With continuous use, the side effects disappear, and I started to feel betterment in my health condition. I will suggest this formula for all diabetic folks.

Negative Blood Sugar Ultra Reviews

  • Blood sugar Ultra is a hyped product with negligible results. For me it is useless or just a waste of money. I would not recommend it to anyone else.

The Final Verdict

Blood sugar ultra is a great supplement due to its natural ingredients and effectiveness to control blood sugar, but it is pricey on the other hand if you are looking for some economical supplement for controlling blood sugar levels then must go for blood sugar formula“. It is also a great blend of natural ingredients that have more positive reviews. The plus point is that you can get it at an economical price as compared to blood sugar ultra. Blood sugar formula is also great for controlling type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar formula also works in a systematic way to send our brain signals to stop cravings. Blood sugar formula is a blessing for those who are looking for an economical option. You can blood sugar formula form their official website with a money-back guarantee. In my opinion blood, a sugar formula is a cost-effective option with positive outcomes.

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