Chlorophyll-Our Life’s Blood

How many of us remember the cartoon “Popeye The Sailor Man”? I’m sure anyone over the age of 40 has some recollection of the character. Remember how when things got tough for Popeye, he would pull out his can of spinach and take a big bite of it and whammo. His strength would increase exponentially. His muscles would bulge and he would handle whatever obstacle was in his way. Okay, so we might not achieve results that quick but there is some credence to what was happening in front of our eyes. The spinach (Popeye’s superfood) contained a nutrient in it that can have a similar effect on all of us.

The nutrient I’m referring to is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the molecule that makes the spinach green. It’s also the molecule responsible for making photosynthesis possible. Photosynthesis is the process of converting sunlight energy into the primary source of fuel for our own body. Chlorophyll, sometimes referred to as “the green blood of plants”, also very closely resembles our own blood cells or hemoglobin. The only difference is the center atom. The center atom in hemoglobin is iron and the one in chlorophyll is magnesium. For many years it was thought that chlorophyll was only a breath freshener or internal deodorizer.

But there is so much more to chlorophyll than what meets the eye or nose. While energy production is a main attribute and making our breath sweet-smelling a secondary characteristic, it is also a fantastic healer of both the internal and external body. Internally, it strengthens tissue and aids in combating and killing germs. Externally, during World War II, it was used to treat wounds and infections.

Vitabase has a product that is not only rich in chlorophyll, but is also one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. The product is Vita Barley. Vita Barley is full of nutrients to help build and maintain a healthy body.

In addition on to chlorophyll, it also houses amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.  I have taken Vita Barley almost since its inception and other similar products before that. In all, I’ve taken a chlorophyll-rich green barley powder for 25+ years. It is a staple of my supplement and food intake. The health benefits need to be experienced to believe. Some of the results and effects I have felt from taking Vita Barley include, but are not limited to, a gentle detox, an energy booster, an immune booster, a recuperation enhancer and a muscle builder.

For so many years moms everywhere were convinced that chlorophyll was only good for staining children’s clothes after playing in the front yard. Now we know that going green can take on a whole new meaning.

Try Vita Barley today and feel the difference.

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