Women and multivitamins

Okay ladies, let’s get real. I know it’s hard to eat right. With the schedules that most of you have, it’s a wonder that some of you have time to eat at all. Not that men don’t have just as busy schedules. But I know a lot of you are like superwomen. You go above and beyond to accomplish what needs to get done on a daily basis. With that being said it’s no wonder that it’s believed that around 30 percent of women are deficient in one or more of the most important 13 vitamins needed by all women. That number includes vitamins C, A, D, E, K and the B vitamins (such as thiamine and vitamin B12), plus a number of important trace minerals and fatty acids too. And for many women the risk only increases with age. It’s also estimated that about 75 percent of women would likely develop nutrient deficiencies if supplemental multivitamins didn’t exist.

In the recent past, I’ve seen some ludicrous claims in reports that state multivitamins failed to prevent cancer, heart disease, and all causes of death for all women. Anyone that has a lick of sense knows that is a true statement. Because of the causes of these diseases and conditions, diet and lifestyle have to play a part as well. But ladies, don’t you think you need a good foundation to start with. Something to build upon is essential. At least if you start your day with a good multivitamin you have less of a chance of missing out on important nutrients with your diet. And a better chance of getting all of each nutrient your body needs. With that in mind maybe it’s time to get on the multivitamin bandwagon? Here at Vitabase we have just the thing.

Vitabase Enfuz Women contains all major vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients to support the whole body. Also, it’s simple and convenient because each dose is individually packaged. Plus, it’s complete in it’s make up and even adds superfoods like acai, goji and noni. So, give Vitabase Enfuz Women today and get the multivitamin train before your health leaves the station.