Natural ways to reduce cholesterol

Red Yeast Rice has proven to be effective in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. One 8-week study showed that individuals who received Red Yeast Rice had a 22.7% reduction in overall cholesterol. In that study, LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 30.9%, while HDL (good cholesterol) increased by 19%. Additional studies indicate that Red Yeast Rice may also provide other cardiovascular benefits such as the prevention of heart disease and the balancing of blood sugar levels.

On a personal note, I’ve seen Red Yeast Rice work for a relative. His cholesterol levels were extremely high and despite working for a pharmaceutical company at the time, he decided to attack the problem with a natural solution. Red Yeast Rice caused his cholesterol to drop significantly. He has not needed to go on any of the expensive cholesterol drugs and has experienced no problems with Red Yeast Rice. This product might be the solution you’re looking for if you struggle with high cholesterol levels.

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