Dear Sirs, I am a female 20 years old and suffered from mild depression for 6 months? May I know what are the natural herbs that I can take for my mild depression ? I have been taking B complex and roseflower and chamomile. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Depression is a major concern for many people today. There are some very important supplements to consider when addressing this condition naturally. Below is a list of natural supplements that can be helpful for depression symptoms. However, if you have never had depression before it is important to consider what might have triggered these feelings. Changes of life, loss, grief and stress can all be potent triggers for depression. You may want to consider seeking the services of a qualified counselor or psychotherapist to help identify and deal with any of these issues. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly those found in fish oil have shown very promising results when it comes to supporting mild to moderate cases of depression. Compounds in these oils, specifically DHA and EPA, support the brain and neurological system. They demonstrate impressive results in human studies with conditions like post-partum depression and other mood disorders. SAMe is an important nutrient that has been praised in the past 5-7 years for its ability to support important pathways in the body involved with neurotransmitter synthesis and liver detoxification. Neurotransmitters are important brain chemicals like Serotonin and Epinephrine that stimulate thoughts and mood. SAMe has been found to be a necessary ingredient in our body’s manufacturing process of these chemicals and can help support optimal levels.

Lastly, St. John’s Wort deserves mention in this response. This herb has shown very promising results when studied in people with mild to moderate depression. It has a long history of use for depression in other cultures and is gaining popularity in the American market. There are a few warnings that need to be mentioned if you are going to consider using St. John’s Wort. If you are taking any prescription anti-depressants you should not take this herb due to the potential of raising serotonin to dangerous levels. Like most other herbs, the liver processes St. John’s Wort. In some cases it has shown the ability to interfere with the metabolism of other prescription medications in the liver. When this happens, blood levels of medication can start to vary which can negatively affect the end result on your body. If you are on prescription medications, discuss the use of St. John’s Wort with your doctor before you try it. B-vitamins are also an important factor when naturally supporting mood. They play critical roles in just about all of the body’s chemical manufacturing pathways and greatly help to support energy production and resistance to stress. Chamomile and Roseflower are herbs that are known for their gentle calming effects. If your depression is characterized by symptoms of anxiety than these herbs may be beneficial for you.

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