I have been diagnosed with lyme disease since 2000 and taken lots of antibiotics. I went to a health store and had a foot bath that was totally dark water. They put me on Cats Claw, colostrum, slippery elm and magnesium. What do you think? Are these good supplements to be taking? I am so tired of dealing with medications that haven’t worked. I go to a specialist in Springfield, MO and he thinks I may have the babesosis strain. Hope to hear from you soon. Margaret Castellaw

Lyme disease can be a very difficult condition to improve.  The spirochete organism is an expert at evading the immune system and reeking havoc on the body.  Anti-biotic therapy is often necessary to clear up these chronic infections but don’t always produce the desired outcome as you have experienced.

The supplements recommended to you are a good start to a natural approach to Lyme Disease.  The Cats Claw herb has long been known to reduce joint inflammation and so it is often used with Lyme.  The colostrum helps to support the immune system and fight pathogens in the gut.  Slippery Elm is specifically for soothing the gastrointestinal tract so I assume you have some stomach or bowel discomfort.  Magnesium helps to relax muscles and aids the cells in energy production.

Something else very important to consider would be probiotics.  Since you have taken so many antibiotics your body’s balance of good bacteria in the gut has likely been disrupted.  Probiotics help to restore healthy colonies back to the gut which stabilizes GI function and supports optimal immune health.

High quality fish oil is also important to consider as the omega 3 fatty acids naturally reduce inflammation in the body.  They also support the brain and neurological system which is important for all Lyme disease sufferers.

I would highly suggest that you seek out a specialist in natural medicine (Acupuncturist, Naturopathic Physician or Holistic M.D.) to guide your natural therapies.  In complex cases like Lyme Disease, your best chance of succeeding with natural medicine is to do it under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

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