Help, I have H Pylori. What is it? What are the symptoms? I have a lot of bloating. Is this normal? Also, I feel terrible every time I eat. Not stomach pains, but my stomach is like distended, and my body will actually hurt like arthritis. I just took a saliva test and it revealed this. Information seems to be vague. Thank you for any help. Gail

H pylori is a bacterial infection of the stomach that was discovered to be the major cause of ulcers and gastritis.  Symptoms of H pylori infection fall under the category of Dyspepsia.  These symptoms can be characterized/described as indigestion, gaseousness, fullness, or gnawing or burning pain localized to the upper abdomen or chest.  Early satiety, abdominal distention and fullness are often described in addition to burning discomfort and pain.  Diagnosis is often done by a blood test, stool test or through a breath test.

Many people have an H. pylori infection but have no symptoms.  However, if you have tested positive and are having symptoms that could be characterized by a H. pylori infection you should seek treatment.  Conventional treatments usually use a combination of acid blockers, antibiotics and bismuth (the ingredient that makes Pepto Bismol work).  Natural therapies can be successfully used to address H. pylori infection.  Usually DGL (an extract of licorice) is used to help sooth and heal the irritated mucosa.  This is usually given in combination with bismuth, as bismuth citrate, and bentonite clay.  Additionally some type of anti-bacterial component needs to be included to help eradicate the bacteria.  Some popular choices specifically for H. pylori are Oregon Grape Root and Mastic Gum.  Working with a qualified practitioner is highly recommend because untreated H. pylori infections have been associated with more serious diseases of the stomach.

Although it is discouraging to know you have this infection, you have many options for addressing it and relieving the discomfort associated with it.

In Health,

Dr. Passero

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