my husband goes to the bathroom several times a nite what can he do?

The most likely cause of this issue for men is an enlarged prostate. If he has not had a checkup from his primary doctor, I would suggest that he have an evaluation which includes blood tests for prostate health and a physical exam. If there is any prostate enlargement he can explore traditional or alternative therapies. Saw palmetto and stinging nettle leaf are the two best natural remedies for reducing prostate inflammation. Zinc and selenium are also very important nutrients for prostate health. He may also want to reduce his intake of water and/or alcohol in the evening because those will both increase his need for night time urination. If his prostate is not enlarged, he may have symptoms associated with an overactive bladder. Pumpkin seed extracts are often recommended as a natural approach to managing overactive bladder in both men and women. Having the proper evaluation is of course the first step in determining what the best solution. Warm regards, Dr. Passero

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