The Gray Hair Formula works. Why? Am I correct to assume the melanin production of the hair has returned due to Catalase in your supplement. ? This is a minor miracle supplement. My hair roots are White, not gray, they are now white. Started on the supplement, and within a month, the darker blonde started to return ….. when i stopped taking the supplement , in about 1 month, the hair reverted back to BONE WHITE. IVE taken hair supplements for the past 20 years.. The only new indgredient that is in this pill that i have NEVER taken in the past is : catalase. Can you tell me more about how this works please. I am a licensed professional hair stylist and this is very important for me and for my clients. thank you. jon jay

Catalase is an enzyme that helps to counteract the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body. It is the hydrogen peroxide that bleaches our hair and makes it lose color. As we age, we make less catalase so taking it as a supplement helps to prevent the production of H202 at the site of the follice and therefore reduce the greying effect. This research was initially published in a 2009 study in the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology’s journal. Some people, like yourself, have great results but as with any therapy, results will vary from person to person. Warm regards, Dr. Passero

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