Serovital Review: Any Cheaper Alternative to Serovital HGH?

Serovital Review and Alternative

Serovital Review: Any Cheaper Alternative to Serovital HGH?

In this Serovital Review, we will see what is Serovital, its effectiveness, pros, cons, and cheaper alternatives.

Everybody loves younger and fresh looking skin by defying the aging process. If you are also one of those folks who want to defy aging and look more youthful in older age too, then there is an amazing supplement for you with anti-aging effects. This dietary supplement name is Serovital, and the maker of this product claims it an anti-aging supplement. Aging is an inevitable process, and you cannot avoid at all, but by taking a healthy diet and some supplement, you may delay the process.

Serovital Review (Quick)

  • Product Name: Serovital HGH
  • Company Name: SanMedica international
  • Price: 198$/3 Boxes
  • Best Place to Buy: Official Site & Amazon

What Is Serovital?

Serovital is a dietary human growth hormone (HGH) supplement made by SanMedica International. The makers claim that it promotes anti-aging or defy the aging process. This amazing dietary supplement contains amino acids and Japanese Catnip (an herb). According to the company, these amino acids will stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormone. Dr. Oz also admires this product due to its amazing benefits. Deficiency of the HGH hormone leads to many health complications and fast your aging process. You may lose your lean muscle mass or face joint problems due to lower HGH levels. On the other hand, you may feel tired and lethargic all day long.

Key Ingredients of Serovital

Serovital magical formula is available in three different forms, liquid, powder, and capsule. The active ingredients include five amino acids and one Japanese herb. Amino acids are essential and play a vital role in overall wellbeing.

  1. L-Lysine HCL

L-Lysine HCL is an important part of this formula, and it is believed that it may help in reducing anxiety by blocking stress response receptors. It also may help in improving Calcium absorption and retention. It also increases the production of collagen.

  1. L-Arginine HCl

This is a growth hormone and may help in easing the inflammation of the digestive tract. It also helps in controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes.

  1. Oxo-Proline And N-Acetyl-Cysteine

Oxo-Proline is considered anti-aging amino acid. Consuming adequate cysteine and N-acetyl cysteine is essential for various health reasons, such as replenishing the most potent antioxidant in your body, glutathione.

  1. L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is one of the essential nutrients for a healthy digestive tract, and it heals tissues in the body.

  1. Schizonepeta Powder

This is an herb from China and Korea that has some anti-inflammatory effects and has been used to treat allergic skin reactions. The first five ingredients are essential amino acids. These essential amino acids are not produced in the body or are in limited supply, so we need to take them from other sources for overall well being.

  1. Other Ingredients

There are some other ingredients in Serovital such as gelatin, magnesium stearate, acid, rice flour. On the other hand microcrystalline cellulose, innate flavor, sodium citrate, sucralose, stevia leaf extract, are present in powder form. The liquid of steroidal also contains purified water, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, and some food color. These other ingredients are used to make the supplement formation stable or enhance the taste of the supplement.

How Does Serovital Work?

HGH levels are decreased with growing age, and Serovital claims that it increases the production of HGH in your body without any artificial injections. HGH hormone is produced in the pituitary gland as it plays a significant role in bone and muscle growth. It also enhances cell repair and metabolism. It boosts muscular strength and increases exercise performance. It also speeds up the recovery process of muscles. The makers of Serovital claim that it has a perfect blend of amino acids, which naturally boosts the HGH hormone production and delays the aging process.

Makers of Serovital conducted a study in 2012 on its effects. This study was done on twelve men and four women. According to this study, Serovital boost HGH levels by 682 percent in just two hours after a single dose of the oral supplement. There is not any other evidence and study available on this product and its effectiveness,

Health Benefits of Serovital

There are various health benefits linked with Serovital, including higher levels of HGH. According to the makers of Serovital, it is extremely beneficial for men and women. some of its benefits  are mentioned below;

  • It has a perfect blend of amino acids, which help in boosting mood.
  • It also helps in improving sleep cycles.
  • It also helps in strengthening the bones especially in females
  • It improves skin appearance, tightens the skin tissues and reduces the wrinkles
  • improved wound healing and immunity

Serovital Side Effects

Like every supplement, there are some side effects linked with Serovital too. According to the makers, all the amino acids and their composition are in a safe range. Some customers reported some side effects with diverse intensity in different individuals. Some are linked with overdose too.

  • Higher levels of HGH may cause swelling of hands and feet
  • Some users experienced the
  • acne breakouts
  • Vertigo and nausea is also linked with higher levels of HGH
  • Some people complaint about itchy joints
  • Fatigue and low levels of energy
  • Some people also complain about insomnia

The Recommended Dose of Serovital

There is clear instruction about Dose on the pack of Serovital. If you have some serious health issues or are already taking any particular medication, then consult your doctor about this supplement. Remember one thing if you have health issues, then except your doctor, no one can suggest this supplement. Your doctor knows very well about all your medical history, so take advice from your doctor before starting Serovital or any other supplement.

Is Serovital Safe?

Yes, absolutely, it is safe to taking Serovital supplements. It’s all ingredients that are safe, FDA approved, and well-tolerated. It delivers health benefits equally for men and women, so there is no particular gender discrimination. In case of any health issue must ask your health practitioner before starting this supplement. If you’re a pregnant and lactating mother, then also consult your gynecologist regarding the use of this supplement.

Is Serovital Help in Reducing Weight?

This is the most inquired question about every dietary supplement. Many people just want to take Serovital for the purpose of weight loss or reduce body fat. There are no official or independent studies to prove that. If you check customer reviews, you may find that some people find it effective for weight loss combined with exercise and dietary changes. There is no official research that amino acids can help in weight loss. Many bodybuilders take amino acids for maintaining lean muscle mass. studies and research on their effectiveness for weight loss are either conflicting or not considerable

What Happens When You Stop Taking Serovital?

You can take Serovital as long as you want and discontinue it whenever you like. There are no withdrawal symptoms or side effects associated when you stop taking Serovital except the lower level of HGH. When you have a lower level of HGH, you will definitely miss the anti-aging and other claimed benefits. There are not any strict rules regarding taking or stop the taking of Serovital.

Is it better to take Serovital at night or in the morning?

You can take Serovital at any time, but its proper absorption should not be affected. For proper absorption, you can take SeroVital HGH on an empty stomach. It means you either have to take it first in the morning and then not eat anything for at least and a half two hours. If you find it difficult to take it in the morning, then take it at night, at least after two hours of your dinner.

Does the FDA Approve Serovital?

Serovital is a dietary supplement and they don’t require FDA approval. SanMedica’s products are considered dietary supplements and do not require pre-market approval from the FDA. FDA pre-market approval only applies to certain specific drugs and medical devices. However, all of their products are regulated by the FDA and comply with all FDA guidelines. They also follow stringent Good Manufacturing Policies.

Customer Serovital Reviews

There is a mixed bag of reviews regarding this supplement. Some people find it effective and observe visible results, while some claimed it an expensive product with no significant results.

Positive Serovital Reviews

  • HI! I’m reem, and I was reluctant to use this product, but then I thought to give it a try. I noticed visible results in my energy level with one pack of Serovital. I would like to continue it.
  • I have been taking Serovital for the last five months, and I like the results. I feel younger, and my skin looks fresher than before. My energy levels are also boosted up. Bravo for this amazing product and I will recommend it to everyone.
  • I’m Maria, and I would like to share our experience with Serovital. Last month my husband and I tried this supplement and truly amazed by the results. We both feel more energetic, and our skin looks younger ( less wrinkled). We will continue this product and like to suggest to our friends.

Negative Serovital Reviews

It is a hyped and pricey product with no visible results. I’m sixty years old lady and taking this product form the last two months. I did not find it effective.

I’m Lisa and using Serovital from the last three months. I reduced some weight by combining this product with some dietary changes. This product did not show any anti-aging effects, and I’m not completely satisfied with this product.

Pros and Cons

Like every product, Serovital also comes with some pros and cons. Overall this product has positive reviews and well-tolerated ingredients.

What do We like About Serovital Supplement?

  • It may help to reduce wrinkles and make your skin fresh. It delays the aging process by increasing the section of HGH hormone
  • It helps in boosting mood and energy levels
  •  It is equally beneficial for men and women
  •  It helps in weight loss and weight management too
  •  It does not contain any artificial stimulants like caffeine

What We Don’t Like About Serovital?

  • It is a pricey supplement
  • It may not work for some people

Is Serovital Worth of Buying or Not?  Any Cheaper Alternative

Serovital improves or stimulates the natural process of the HGH hormone instead of any synthetic injections. It is the best alternative to synthetic injections to boost the HGH secretion to see the visible anti-aging effects. It is a pricey product but overall worth buying product. If you can afford it, give it a try, but economical options are also available like HGH complex by Vitabase.


Amino Acids

HGH Complex


Vitabase HGH supplement is a great combination of ingredients that help enhance the body’s ability to produce HGH. It is an economical alternative to Serovital or any synthetic human growth hormone injections. There are various positive reviews regarding this product, so if you are looking for an economical option, then go for the HGH complex. You can do a trial by using an economical option; either HGH supplements work for you or not.

Final Verdict

Growth hormone deficiencies are linked with many side effects like fast aging, reduced bone destiny, reduce lean mass, mood swings, etc., so it is a better idea to take a supplement that promotes HGH secretion. Serovital is HGH boosting supplement, and we have reviewed it in detail. It is a pricey product with mixed bags of reviews.

For some folks, it worked very well, while for some, it is just a waste of money. Now after reading this Serovital Review, it is up to you either you go for it or not. If you want to try HGH booster supplement, then give a try HGH complex with the same benefits. My recommendation is HGH complex due to its economical price and the same positive effects as Serovital.