GenF20 Plus Review

GenF20 Plus

Are you looking for something that can increase your stamina and endurance, help you lose weight and boost your lean muscle mass?

Also, whenever you look into mirror to brush your hairs, do your wrinkles, laugh lines and crow feet bother you?

I am sure many would say YES to these and would love for things to change. But the big question is HOW?

Well, there may just be one solution to all your problems, and that’s Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein and is secreted by a small pea-sized gland called Pituitary Gland [01]. This gland is located at the base of your brain. Considering what it does, it’s also rightfully known as “The fountain of Youth”.

The main functions of the HGH is to stimulate body growth, produce and regenerate body cells [02].

Research proves that people with sufficient levels of human growth hormone (HGH) have smooth skin, thick hair, greater muscle mass and body energy and they don’t age quickly.

What’s the concern then? Well, the problem is, with age pituitary gland start to exhaust its stocks of all these wonderful juices of youth. The secretion of HGH dwindle with every passing year after adulthood and sadly, we grow OLDER!

You may have an option to boost your HGH levels and have your youthful days back. GenF20 is one such herbal supplement that promises to promote your HGH through a natural process. Its manufactures are very adamant about its efficacy and claims to have the support and backing of thousands of satisfied customers.

In this review, we will take a deeper look into GenF20 supplement. We’ll carefully evaluate its individual ingredients, know about its pros and cons, customer reviews and many more.

There are many HGH releasers available on the market and they all claim to return your youth, smooth and glowing skin.  One such supplement is GenF20 Plus.

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone:

FDA has approved synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It’s available on prescription and carries some side effects. It’s generally used to treat stunted growth in children. Also, it’s prescribed to promote normal growth in HIV or AIDS patients.

The synthetic HGH is only available in injectable form. Any brand or supplement claiming to have HGH oral pills is a scam and you should always steer clear of that. 

  • Product Name: GenF20 Plus
  • Manufacturers: Virility Health Ltd
  • Best Place To Buy: Vitabase
  • Amazon UK ratings: 4.1/5
  • Walmart Ratings: 4.7/5 (Note: at the time of writing this review. This may change)

What is GenF20?

Aging is a natural phenomenon in human life and we all know that we have minimal to no control over it. Research has been going on for decades to develop solutions to combat aging. The makers of GenF20 claims it to be a product one such research.

It’s said that GenF20 is herbal formulation that reverse your aging and help you get rid of wrinkles and laugh lines.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

GenF20 Plus is an HGH releaser that contains various natural ingredients such as amino acids, peptides, and nutrients. These ingredients activate your pituitary gland to release HGH hormone naturally.

Making pituitary gland to pump more HGH can improve muscle mass and productivity, increase your physical endurance, promote mental health and memory and gives you a fresher and glowing skin.

GenF20 comes in a packing of 120 capsules.

The price of one pack is $59.99 on Walmart and £34.99 on Amazon UK.

How does GenF20 Plus work?

GenF20 doesn’t provide your body with already prepared HGH but it rather stimulate your body and pituitary gland to boost the release of HGH in a natural way.

What are the ingredients of GenF20 plus?

GenF20 has a long list of potent ingredients. The makers claim that they’re carefully selected in a ratio that they assess each other to provide the desired outcomes.

Well, let’s break it down to individual ingredient and see for ourselves how effective these ingredients are;

  • L-Arginine HCl,
  • L-Glycine,
  • L-Glutamine,
  • L-Lysine,
  • L-Tyrosine Pwd,
  • GTF Chromium,
  • Colostrum (10%),
  • Tribulus Terrestris,
  • Astragalus (Root),
  • GABA,
  • Deer velvet antler,
  • L-Isoleucine,
  • L-Valine,
  • L-Ornithine,
  • Phosphatidyl Choline,
  • dicalcium phosphate,
  • cellulose,
  • croscarmellose sodium,
  • silicon dioxide,
  • stearic acid,
  • vegetable source of magnesium stearate,
  • Sodium Alginate,
  • Acetylated Monoglycerides,
  • Food Glaze,
  • Polysorbate 80.
  • L-Arginine: This amazing amino acid offers lots of benefits to our body and is my personal favorite in the whole list of ingredients. Our body can manufacture L-arginine and it is also taken from outside in food like fish, red meat, poultry and dairy products.


It’s a potent HGH stimulant. Research data from NIH [1] shows that oral intake of L-arginine doubles the release of HGH from pituitary gland. And if aren’t shy of spending an hour or so in gym regularly, L-arginine can increase the release of HGH as high as 3-folds.

Naturally, raised levels of HGH has a very positive impact on the production and maintenance of Testosterone levels in body. Needless to say that testosterone levels are at the peak when we are young and energetic.

L-arginine is also the precursor of Nitric Oxide (NO). NO dilate smooth muscles of blood vessels and enhance blood supply. Supplying the body with NO can reduce the risk of heart failure. [2]

The benefits of L-arginine doesn’t stop here. It improves blood circulation in an indirect pathway through NO. Improved blood circulation means better muscle performance and physical endurance.

Also, L-arginine has shown promising results in cases of erectile dysfunction (ED). [3]

  • L-Glutamine: Yet another amino acid and a protein building block. Well to be honest, it isn’t needed from outside unless you’re working out and burning lots of energy.

 L-glutamine is helpful in preserving muscle mass. It prevents your body from using muscle as a foe energy [4]. It has also been used by athletes and bodybuilders to build muscles and stamina but there is little scientific data to prove that it has such benefits.

  • L-Lysine: Unlike the previous amino acids, this one is an essential amino acid and our body cannot produce it. So, we need to boost our stock of L-lysine from food. Food that are rich in L-lysine are meat, fish, eggs, milk, and soy.

GenF20 got it absolutely spot on to mix Lysine and L-arginine, as the combo has shown to increase the HGH secretion by an whooping 1000% than what’s achieved with L-arginine alone [5].

L-lysine is also the go to therapy to treat cold sores caused by herpes simplex liabialis virus. It can be used both orally and topically to eliminate the viral infection.

  • L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is the end product of another amino acid Phenylalanine. It offers our body a wide range of benefits. It stabilizes mood, enhances focus and improve cognitive flexibility [6].

 L-tyrosine has a key role in controlling the rate and extent of metabolism by influencing the secretion of thyroxin hormones. It also helps in boosting the levels of HGH.

  • GABA: GABA stands for Gamma Amino Butyric acid. It’s a sleep friendly neurotransmitter that keep us calm and relaxed. It’s also helpful in treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

 Our body tends to produce more HGH when we are relaxed and under no real stress. That’s why GABA can also boost the levels of HGH in body. Study shows that GABA increases the levels of HGH isoforms (irGH and ifGH) [7].

This neurotransmitter is also very important to regulate digestion and improve GI tract health.

  • L-Leucine and L-Valine: Well, these two are very similar and works best in tandem. So, it makes sense to discuss them together, right?

They are branched chained amino acids (BCAAs) and are best known for their anabolic (muscle forming) function. This combination is popular in workout enthusiasts to increase lean body mass and fuel energy.

  • Deer Antler Velvet: The extract are taken from the outer covering of deer antler. The maker of GenF20 has included this extract solely because of its tissue repairing properties.

 The efficacy of the extract isn’t supported by any modern scientific data but it has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

  • Astragalus Root Extract: This is another herbal extract in GenF20 that has been regularly used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The extract is derived from the root of Astragalus herb.

 The extract is claimed to have immune boosting properties and it enhances protection against cold and digestive problems. A study suggest that the extract can reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks [8].

GenF20 manufacture has included the extract for its wound healing and tissue regeneration properties. A Chinese study confirms that astragalus root extract can heal wounds when used as IV injection [9].

  • L-Glycine: I believe this is one of the most important ingredients in GenF20. It’s used in the production of glutathione which is a potent antioxidant. Boosting L-Glycine levels in body produces more and more glutathione which plays a key role in relieving oxidative stress [10].

L-glycine is the precursor of another important protein, Creatinine. Creatinine provides muscles the instant strength during heavy exercises and lifting. It also contributes to increasing your lean muscle mass [11].

It has a direct impact on pituitary gland and regulates its function to release HGH.

  • L-Ornithine: Herbal supplements are all about choosing the right combination and that’s what impresses me the most with GenF20.

 L-Ornithine is a very beneficial amino acid but it requires other amino acids to bring out its maximum potential. All these amino acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Glutamine are co-provided in GenF20. Research shows that this potent combination of amino acids significantly increases the release of human growth hormones [12].

 L-ornithine also washes out ammonia and other unwanted chemical from muscle tissue to keep you rejuvenated and fresh.

  • Colostrum Powder: Colostrum is the thick milky liquid that mammals gives before the milk production starts after delivery of a baby. It’s the nature way of equipping the newborn with everything necessary for protection, development and growth.

GenF20 has colostrum powder extracted from cow milk. This powder extract has 35 immune substances, 40 growth factors [13], important minerals and vitamins.

All these wonderful chemicals and proteins help at cellular reproduction and provides protection any many illnesses. Colostrum extracts are also beneficial is building muscle mass and regeneration of damaged tissues.

  • Anterior Pituitary Powder: Truth being told, very little is known about the safety and efficacy of pituitary powder. It’s the dried powder of cow’s pituitary gland. As per claims of the maker, it stimulate pituitary gland to release HGH and has a role in muscle generation. 
  • Phosphatidyl Choline: It’s naturally occurring substance inside our cells and is formed from fatty acid, glycerol and phosphorous. It is helpful in improving brain health. In fact, studies have shown that it is particularly beneficial in Dementia [14] and Alzheimer’s disease [15].

It’s also a strong fat burner and is an aide in getting rid of lipoma [16].

  • GTF Chromium: It’s mineral that has its impact on blood glucose levels. Chromium helps diabetics to maintain their glucose levels [17]. In another study of an overwhelming sample size of 62,000, chromium reduced the possibility of developing diabetes by 27%.

It is also said that chromium helps in burning fats and loss of weight. But this assertion is up for debate and needs scientific data for verification.

What are the side effects of GenF20 plus?

GenF20 is an herbal supplement and all its ingredients are of natural source. With no chemical ingredient in its formulation, you shouldn’t worry about any major side effect.

That being said, I will suggest to stick to the recommended dose of the product. Don’t exceed the normal daily dose.

Generally, herbal medicines are well tolerated with any medicines that you may already be using. Again, it’s better to consult your doctor or pharmacist to take an expert opinion before using the product.

More so, if you are having an existing medical condition or are on continuous medications.

Pros and Cons of GenF20:


  • GenF20 stimulates pituitary gland in a natural way to release HGH
  • Thousands of users have positive feedbacks with respect to improvement in physical stamina and endurance, building muscle mass, enhance cognitive function and mental alertness and weight loss
  • GenF20 ingredients are of purely natural source and they have minimal to no chance of side effects
  • Boosting testosterone levels can improve sexual performance
  • The products come with a money back guarantee which gives a clue about the confidence and trust of maker in their product
  • Many ingredients have known efficacy and they have substantial medical research to support their medical benefits
  • The products is formulated after careful evaluation of the ingredients and their compliance with each other. Many ingredients of GenF20 potentiate each other’s effect to give better overall results
  • GenF20 is prepared in GMP certified laboratory


  • A bit expensive
  • Only available online
  • Like any herbal supplement, it isn’t meant to treat any medical condition. It can only be used to promote overall wellbeing

GenF20 dosage:

The recommended daily dose for GenF20 is 4 capsules in a day. It should be divided in two daily doses of 2 capsules each before food.

For the start, I’ll suggest go with a single capsule twice a day and then increase it to the recommended dose after a week or so.

My final takeaway:

What I really like about GenF20 is that it stimulate pituitary gland in a natural way to secrete HGH. If you’re interested in delaying your aging and would like to have many youthful years, then HGH supplement is your best bet.

I have carefully analyzed each ingredients of GenF20 and I’m of the opinion that they are selected and mixed in the best possible combination. Ingredients not only have their individual benefits but they also potentiate each other’s response to give you the best outcomes.

I know the price is a bit on the higher side, but anything that truly serves its purpose is definitely worth its price. Besides, the products comes with a money back guarantee of 67 days which is something that not many makers could do.

So, all in all, I like the product and will suggest you to give it a GO! Why not have the charm and strength of youth, then losing it all so soon.