Why Vitabase?


Every day I have the privilege of helping people discover the wonderful benefits of natural medicine. Patients rely on me to guide them to better health using natural non-toxic substances that support their body’s own self healing processes. In order to do this effectively it is essential that I use only the highest quality natural products that contain the best raw ingredients. This means high potency, standardized botanicals guaranteed to contain no pesticides or other harmful contaminants. Vitamin and mineral raw ingredients must also meet the highest quality standards and be free of harmful fillers, allergens and synthetic preservatives. Finally, the manufacturing process must be closely monitored to ensure that the final products are safe and meet rigorous criteria for dissolution rate so maximal absorption is achieved.

The Vitabase line meets and exceeds all of these supplement standards and provides some of the highest quality products on the market. As I frequently see with my patients, this is an essential key in using natural products successfully and can often determine if you are going to have success when using a natural ingredient.

Whenever I see a new patient, I request that they bring in the bottles of all the supplements they are currently taking. I do this to number one; make sure they are using the vitamins safely, and two; to determine the quality of the supplements they are taking. Many of my patients are very well educated in the world of natural medicine and have made some very wise choices regarding supplement programs to help address their chief complaints. However, I know that because they are in my office they must not have achieved a high enough level of success to be completely satisfied. Often times the limiting factor to their ability to have success is the quality of the supplement, not their choice in what supplements to take. In these cases, with some minor modifications based on my expertise, in addition to simply replacing the poor quality supplements with high quality ones we can see a dramatic improvement in results.

I am very comfortable endorsing and using Vitabase products because I can be certain that they will provide maximum effectiveness for my patients while ensuring the most rigorous standards for safety and purity.


As a practicing doctor, I had some initial concerns about aligning myself with an online supplement company. I had to be 100% sure that whatever company I decided to partner with was as committed to the principles of honesty and safety as I was. I swore an oath the day I graduated medical school to do no intentional harm to any person as a result of being bestowed the title of a Naturopathic Doctor. After many meetings, interviews and conversations I learned that Vitabase has as deep convictions as I do regarding a commitment to honesty and safety for all of their customers. This is what drove them to seek out the highest quality products and ingredients made by the top manufactures in the industry. Their goal is to build a successful business by providing people with high quality natural products. They are also committed to doing so in a manner that uses responsible marketing and business practices that protect customers from deceptive claims and fad marketing techniques.

The final decision to partner with Vitabase was an easy one for me because I knew that the guiding principles of the company were quality, honesty and safety, the same principles that guide my practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.

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