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Ralph Capone ND is licensed in Washington. A graduate of Bastyr University, he also received a masters degree in health sciences from Long Island University. Dr. Capone completed his residency in primary care at the Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center in Arizona, and formerly served as adjunct faculty at Bastyr in basic sciences and naturopathic medicine departments. He is also a past board m...

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I am a relatively healthy eater. I exercise quiet frequently 4+x a week and I’m at an OK weight. I’ve always had trouble losing that last 510 pounds and keeping it off.
Many people tend to have this problem.  The important thing is to keep up the healthy eating and exercise and not to get discouraged.  Once you find the right equation for your body those last pounds should come off and stay off. For starters, make sure you are doing a healthy mix of both cardio training and strength training....

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Category: Weight Loss
Answered by: Dr. Ralph Capone
I am currently taking the liquid Fish Oil. However, I’m having trouble digesting it. I’ve tried taking it with food and without food. Any suggestions.
This can be a common problem with fish oil.  I usually suggest that people take it after their largest meal which is usually dinner. Personally, I have found this to make a huge difference.  Also, make sure you keep it refrigerated. If this still does not work for you I would suggest switching to the capsule form....

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Category: General Health
Answered by: Dr. Ralph Capone