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Your Partner in True Healing Candace McNaughton, ND will help you make lasting changes in your life and achieve health goals. Although trained as a generalist, Dr. McNaughton specializes in weight loss, detoxification, addiction recovery, and making real change! Dr. McNaughton facilitates healing of body, mind, and spirit as a knowledgeable guide and partner. You will be an...

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Dr. Passaro, I took the 7 Day Colon cleanse 3 weeks ago now. It is the first product I have found that made me go to the bathroom everyday.
Hi Melanie, Thank you for your inquiry and feed back on the 7 day colon cleanse. I am so happy you had such a good response and felt better while taking it. Unfortunately, it is not a product suitable for long term use even at low doses. The herbs used in that formula are in a category called stimulant laxatives...

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Category: Digestion
Answered by: Dr. Candace McNaughton
I’m diagnosed having Congestive Heart Failure. I’m taking 40mg lasix. I’m told to take potassium once a day.
The minimum dose of potassium is usually 99mg but I would check with your prescribing doctor for specific recommendations about potassium supplementation.  Most people taking a loop diuretic like Lasix should take some type of potassium supplement or increase potassium rich foods in their diet....

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Category: Heart/Cardio
Answered by: Dr. Candace McNaughton