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Dr. Jacobs earned her Naturopathic Medical Degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Bastyr University, has the distinction of being the leading educational and research institution for science-based natural medicine. Prior to receiving her Doctorate Degree, Dr. J obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Health Minor from the College of Charleston. Dr. Jacobs completed clin...

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Hi there. Ive recently started taking some evening primrose oil pills to help with a skin condition. I was just wondering, is there any chance these could be reacting with my PCOS pill.
I do not foresee any potential interactions between the Evening Primrose Oil and your Metformin.  There is nothing in the literature to suggest that this is a possibility.  In fact, Evening Primrose Oil is something I commonly prescribe for women with PCOS.  It is known to naturally help improve the balance between progesterone and estrogen....

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Category: Women's Health
Answered by: Dr. Sherri Jacobs