Hi, I have been dealing with the after affects of Lyme disease for several years. After stopping the antiboditics I have lingering side affects including nerve tingling in my legs in the morning. Pain on the bottom of my feet, inability to loose weight and fatigue no matter how much I sleep. A friend of mine has been taking your serrazimes for a number of years and swears by it. Do you think it would help me? I have Hasimotos disease and trust me the doctors have checked me for lupus, sgrogrens, small nerve studies, pituitary tumors, and mris of the spine. All is good. But the pain and the fatigue is there. I wonder if I too have fibro like my friend or if it damage from the lyme. I am taking thymex by Standard process and that appears to have helped with the nerve tingling. My friend said after starting the serrazimes she didnt need the pain meds they wanted her to take for the fibryo. I see it has a warning about blood thinners. Is that anything I need to be concerned about and lastly will it interact with my thyroid medicine I am taking. The reviews all seem positive.. are there any side affects? Thanks

Thank you for your great question. I work with many patients that suffer from lyme disease and many patients that suffer from hypothyroidism. There are many things to consider when it comes to your case and much of it should really be flushed out with a health care provider who is well versed in both- Read More

In the hope of having a baby I take prenatal vitamins daily. Could this cause excessive urination?

There are no ingredients in a standard prenatal that I would expect to cause excessive urination. However, urinary frequency can be increased even in early pregnancy so make sure you are not pregnant already. During the first 6 weeks of pregnancy your blood volume will increase significantly leading to more fluid being filtered by your kidneys- Read More

Vitamin B12 Toxicity – I understand that vitamin B12 generally is safe even in large doses, however with more and more supplements coming to the market with extremely high doses, does one need to worry?

Thank you for your great question about B12. It is true that many supplements contain B12 because of its impressive benefits for the brain, nerves and energy/metabolism. However, as you point out it is important to consider possible downsides of taking too much of any nutrient. You are correct in stating that B12 is water- Read More

Hi. I had shingles earlier this year and am on a regime of vitamins. I am taking 6000 mcgs of vitamin a as I had shingles in my eye. Some cornea damage left but not where the light passes thru.

Shingles can be a very tough condition and very serious when it involves the eye. I am glad you are recovered and that your vision was not permanently damaged. Vitamin A is an excellent natural anti-viral but due to its fat soluble nature it can also be toxic. It also has a drying effect on- Read More

Dr.Passero, I have, which I believe to be IBS. I want to get rid of this. I’ve been saving money up to get a supplemental colon cleanse as well as a hydrocolontherapy.

Most multivitamins are safe. The real question to ask is which multivitamins are potent enough and pure enough to actually be effective? One of the most important things you can do to assess the purity of your multivitamin is to check the label. Look in the area where “Other ingredients” are listed. If there is- Read More

l am starting a weight loss program. In the program Buffered crystal vitamin c was recommended. Do you think it will help to tighten my skin ?

Thank you for your question and I am thrilled to learn that you are starting a weight loss program. Vitamin C offers wonderful support to all connective tissue in the body with the skin included. Believe it or not, your skin has amazing elasticity properties and unless you have more than 100 pounds to lose- Read More

A girlfriend recommended clove oil for my teething three month old. She said to apply it directly to her gums. It this safe? Should I dilute the oil?

Clove oil does contain natural compounds that can reduce pain when applied topically.  It has a long history of use in dental care primarily for relieving the pain associated with toothaches.  However, it is very important that the clove essential oil be prepared properly or else it can create many more problems than it will- Read More

Hi there. Ive recently started taking some evening primrose oil pills to help with a skin condition. I was just wondering, is there any chance these could be reacting with my PCOS pill.

I do not foresee any potential interactions between the Evening Primrose Oil and your Metformin.  There is nothing in the literature to suggest that this is a possibility.  In fact, Evening Primrose Oil is something I commonly prescribe for women with PCOS.  It is known to naturally help improve the balance between progesterone and estrogen.